Friday, March 9, 2007

I have a passion for music! I went through the regimental training, performing, practicing, etc. that 20+ years would profit a determined piano teacher. I achieved WSMTA Certification after four grueling years and added this to a degree in music education. Through my years of determination and passion, I've gained some very interesting observations from my beloved students. In our musically oriented society, I've discovered that we are all somehow affected by music. There are those who love to perform, those who prefer to listen, and those who yearn to express self through music but are inhibited through mental, physical, or external restraints. The group I am most drawn to is the last. I have discovered a very simplistic method of bringing that opportunity to those specific individuals. All that is required are the following:

  • the ability to count to 10

  • knowledge of the alphabet

  • 5 fingers on each hand

  • fair to good eye-hand cordination

  • a passionate desire to express self through music

My passion found it's highest expression when a physically challenged father played "It's a Small World After all" for his child (with a face that could have lit up the world!), or the teenage girl with Down Syndrome who played a complete hymn for the first time in front of her mother. We may not all be the gifted Mozarts of the age (I am one of the adoring listeners of such), but perhaps there are ways to experience the joy of musical expression in other formats.

(PS: After several attempts, I finally had to give up on the pooch lesson... she kept falling asleep)